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This year we are celebrating that it was 40 years ago ABBA had its international break through. To celebrate this the museum has created a choir. About 400-500 people applied to be a part of it and 50 people where chosen by a jury. Karin Bäckström, who is also a teacher at Adolf Fredriks Musikklasser is the Choir Director. Göran Arnberg (band member of Benny Anderssons orchestra, BAO) has created arrangements. Our fantastic choir is now available for bookings for events, of different sizes. The length of the performances varies from 8 minutes to 45 minutes.

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Grace, Alto

Grace McCallum, 21, from Australia

Alexander, Bass 1

Alexander Edde, 27, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Alexandra, Alto 1

Alexandra Wanvik Gunnarsson, 22, from Eksjö, Sweden.

Alf, Bass 2

Alf Vaernéus, 36 år, from Sollentuna, Sweden.

Anna, Alto 2

Anna Landucci, 40, from Horn, Sweden.

Anno, Tenor

Anno Lindblad, 47, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Aubrey, Sopran 2

Aubrey Faith Arevalo Sjögren, 25, from Linköping, Sweden.

Berit, Alto 2

Berit Kullberg Söderholm, 45, from Lidingö, Sweden.

Birgitta, Sopran 2

Birgitta Svensson, 46, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Elin, Alto 2

Elin Henningsson, 26, from Örebro, Sweden.

Elina, Sopran 1

Elina Edenhagen, 23, from Uppsala, Sweden.

Emil, Tenor

Emil Sjöström, 24, from Stockholm.

Frida, Sopran 1

Frida Andreasson, 29, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Gunilla, Alto 2

Gunilla Berg, 32, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Hanna, Alto 2

Hanna Larsson, 31, from Hällbybrunn, Sweden.

Henrik, Bass 2

Henrik Thorstensson, 35, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Irene, Sopran 2

Iréne Svensson, 45, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Isabelle, Alto 1

Isabelle Pedersen, 30, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Jesper, Tenor

Jesper Sjölander, 33, from Kungsängen, Sweden.

Joachim, Bass 1

Joachim Johansson, 21, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Joel, Tenor

Joel Johansson 23, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Jimmy, Bass 1

Jimmy Larsson – Hagberg, 39, from Solna, Sweden.

Johan, Bass 1

Johan Röisland, 42, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Joakim, Bass 1

Joakim Skog, 41, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Josefine, Sopran 2

Josefine Hägglöf, 32, from Uppsala, Sweden.

Jonatan, Bass 1

Jonatan Söderström, 18, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Kristin, Alto 1

Kristin Sulkula, 39, from Solna.

Lydia, Sopran 1

Lydia Ahlsén, 20, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Madeleine, Alto 1

Madeleine Jangklev, 27, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Magnus, Tenor

Magnus Johansson, 42, from Nacka, Sweden.

Marcel, Tenor

Marcel Lindström, 29, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Maria, Sopran 1

Maria Almlöv, 42, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Maria, Sopran 1

Maria Bjurholm Lindensved, 25, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Markus, Tenor

Markus Gustafsson, 23, from Uppsala, Sweden.

Marlene, Alto 1

Marlene Rosenkvist, 25, from Lidingö, Sweden.

Matilda, Alto 1

Matilda Mattsvåg, 20, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Nelly, Sopran 1

Nelly Lindberg Montgomery, 25, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Nina, Sopran 2

Nina Solander, 43, from Huddinge, Sweden.

Ola, Bass 1

Ola Nilsson, 43, from Årsta, Sweden.

Patrick, Tenor

Patrick Anderlind, 44, from Lomma, Sweden.

Per, Bass 2

Per Lännevall, 37, from Täby, Sweden.

Robin, Bass 1

Robin Lundberg, 27, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sara, Sopran 2

Sara Lundahl, 28 år, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sebastian, Bass 2

Sebastian Söderström, 29, from Solna.

Simon, Tenor

Simon Hermansson, 27, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sofia, Sopran 2

Sofia Graff Lonnevig, 36, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Sofie, Sopran 1

Sofie Hellberg, 25, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Stefan, Tenor

Stefan Sörman, 41, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Tina, Alt 2

Tina Leijonberg, 51, from Stockholm, Sweden.

Torbjörn, Bas 1

Torbjörn Pettersson, 43, from Sollentuna, Sweden.

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