ABBA The Museum - the full experience

The Story of ABBA

At ABBA The Museum, the story about Björn, Benny, Frida and Agnetha and their lives starts from the very beginning, when they were kids. What was life like growing up? When did music enter their lives? How did they meet? And how did they come together as the pop group ABBA? Here you can explore all of this and more, while walking in the footsteps of ABBA. Exact replicas of places where ABBA lived and worked during their career, featuring personal belongings of ABBA and other memorabilia, allow you to experience what it was like to be ABBA. Want to know more about each ABBA member? Then we highly recommend our recently recorded audio guide, where you can listen to the members’ own stories and memories from their amazing career. (The audio guide is available at the ticket counter at the museum, price SEK 20).


In all possible (and impossible) ways we have searched far and wide for objects from the lives and careers of all four members of ABBA – finding instruments, epic costumes and everything in between. Gifts and letters from fans, original furniture, clothes, private photographs, letters, notes and much, much more, help make all our replicated environments as real as possible.

What’s more, you can see what the real room looked like on photos above these replicas. In the Polar Studio replica, almost everything is original. Benny’s piano, Björn’s guitars, Frida and Agnetha’s microphones, note stands and much more. In our Gold Room, you’ll find the members’ spectacular stage outfits, gold records and record covers – all originals!

Being “true to the story” is our keyword when working with ABBA The Museum.

An interactive experience

The best way to tell the story of ABBA is to do it both in analogue and digital form!

Technology is constantly evolving and our aim is to be among the best in the world when it comes to interactive music exhibitions. Therefore, we strive to provide the very latest in interactive features and are constantly renewing them to enhance our visitors’ experience.

In the exhibition, you can try on ABBA’s costumes (virtually), sing, play, mix original music and become the fifth member of ABBA by performing on our large hologram stage together with Björn, Benny Frida and Agnetha. On an iPad, you can choose different instruments from the studio and  listen to how they sound on a recording when all the other instruments have been removed. You can also listen to Frida and Agnetha’s voices without the surrounding music.

Some of our interactive features allow you to record your personal participation if you like, and download the results to your computer with your personal ticket number.


Travel back to the moment when it all started. Welcome to the place where Björn and Benny first met: the Folkpark in 1966!

Few places are as strongly connected with ABBA as the Polar Studio. At the museum you will have a unique opportunity to see and feel items such as the mixing desk used at the location where the sound was created.

The big breakthrough! Welcome to Brighton, 1974, where you will experience plenty of unique original items from the victory!


Listen to the members’ own stories and memories from their amazing career.

RING RING – ABBA is calling! Only four people in the entire world have the number for our special telephone. If it rings, pick it up!

Experience the feeling of being the 5th ABBA member and perform on our big hologram-stage together with the four members.

Breaking up is never easy …

… and we never really broke up. It was a gradual thing. We didn’t say good-bye. It was more like: “Let’s go out there and try the new stuff we’ve been wanting to do for so long and then we’ll get back together again when the time is right.” And we did all that other stuff, but the time somehow never seemed right to get back together again. By the mid-80s we all thought ABBA would fade into oblivion. Little did we I know …

New exhibition - premieres in May 2018