Breaking up is never easy …

… and we never really broke up. It was a gradual thing. We didn’t say good-bye. It was more like: “Let’s go out there and try the new stuff we’ve been wanting to do for so long and then we’ll get back together again when the time is right.” And we did all that other stuff, but the time somehow never seemed right to get back together again. By the mid-80s we all thought ABBA would fade into oblivion. Little did we I know …

Here, dear visitor, is where the post ABBA journey starts. The flight you’re boarding will take you to London and then out into the world. You will arrive at a fun fair, a regular pleasure ground. Because that’s what it turned out to be. We had the privilege of being able to pursue the thoughts and ideas we had; musical theatre, movies, fiddlers, solo recordings, film music etc. And we enjoyed the rides. Roller coasters driven by the sheer joy of creating new things. That journey hasn’t stopped … yet.

Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

ABBA The Museum presenterar hela historien

36 år efter att ABBA tystnade hörs de högre än någonsin och människor i hela världen sjunger med i refrängerna. Fenomenet fortsätter från Malmö till Melbourne, Durban till Delhi, Seoul till St Louis. Men inte genom att slå vakt om historien och vårda arvet, utan genom att utvecklas. Nya generationer lyssnar på ABBA för första gången och blir handlöst förälskade.

Vi är stolta att presentera en ny permanent del av utställningen ABBA The Museum där vi presenterar hela historien. Premiär i maj 2018.

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